In case you’re all curious… I went to Japan with my baby love. Oh boy, I love that guy! *giggles*  Anyway, we landed first in Tokyo. We were both starving cause we didn’t eat much on the plane. But, oh yes, we LOVE food. Who doesn’t? As soon as we were all settled, we headed out to hunt for food.

I remember what it felt like just stepping out of the hotel. First thing that comes to your mind is, you love the winter weather. I’m from Singapore, so it was all novelty to me. If you go straight into a restaurant or a shopping mall, you’d still have that same thought in mind. But if you walk around in the cold for at least an hour, I swear, you start to regret what you were thinking. You then begin to shiver, and your lips gets so dry that you finally believe having just chap stick is really pathetic. Eventually, you arrive back at the hotel, wait an hour or two, and suddenly you get all impatient to go out again.

We were in Tokyo for the first three days. It was so much fun, though it was so cold. I thought I was just being a typical Singaporean. Not at all. Even my boyfriend, a Canadian, was telling me that the group of  Japanese girls next to us were complaining about how cold it was! Obviously, only he understood Japanese. Thankfully he does.

Tokyo was all about shopping. Well, at least it was for me. Hee. But just when I thought only Tokyo could be this fun….

[rockyou id=156972132&w=579&h=433]

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2 Responses to Tokyo

  1. Donald Duck says:

    So beautiful! You and the photos!

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