Hakone was even better! Hot springs, a perfect view of the snow capped mountains and a beautiful villa. What more can you ask for? Oh. More nights stay of course. It was my first time seeing and touching real snow.

When we first arrived in Hakone, my boyfriend was looking for our hotel. It was snowing and there was thick snow on the ground. Can you simply ignore it? Well, I couldn’t. I’m from Singapore, and we never see real snow. I stopped walking and started making snowballs. Hee. My boyfriend was already far ahead. Still, I couldn’t care less. Not until I realized my feet were numb. I didn’t have any socks on. How smart!

We got everything settled in and were just so amazed by the view we got. Even one of the hotel managers said the villa we booked was apparently the best. With a view like that, I believed her words. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Beautiful, ain’t it? Having your very own hot spring in your villa or home is something you should really consider, especially during the winter season. We left the sliding window opened wide, so it was freezing cold, though it feels ridiculously amazing to have your body soaked in hot water while the cold wind blows and the fresh snow blankets the windowsill and ground around you.

As you can see, we were given yukatas instead of common robes you find in hotel rooms. We were not allowed to wear any shoes or slippers inside the hotel grounds. There is this really cozy bar located in the basement with an amazing view as well.

Everything was almost perfect, I must say. The weather, hot tea, throws and your sweet loved one by your side, I feel blessed.

I would like to share with you something that both, my baby love and I made just for the fun of it.

P.S. Please watch till the end. Happy watching! xoxo

[rockyou id=156972932&w=579&h=434]

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