Kyoto was another part of Japan where we had truly interesting experiences. Kyoto is a total opposite of Tokyo: the more cultural, simple, traditional and conservative side of Japan. One thing I totally forgot to mention is that everyone in Japan holds a high level of courtesy. They never fail to greet one another when they have the chance, and they are absolutely patient. Despite the fact that there are way more people, and everywhere people are just awfully busy, they are still co-operative and well mannered. Their standard is just extremely different from most countries.

We visited a couple of temples and historical sites. Since I was a prior A student in history and he teaches Asian history of philosophy, we both enjoyed everything immensely. I think that’s enough to say just how awe-inspiring was Kyoto.

Our hotel room in Kyoto was just nice and that astounding balcony, damn. Everything were just as peaceful as it seems. Oh-so-delightful!

Lol. Okay, I know that’s a little exaggerating, but, it’s just that whole atmosphere getting into your veins and arteries and whatever not. You just have to do that. LOL.

-Kennin-Ji Temple

-Nanzen-Ji Temple

-Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

Here comes the best part! I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie called Memoirs of a Geisha. The movie was directed by Rob Marshall and won 3 Oscars.

Geisha basically means “artist.” A geisha is a Japanese woman who entertains people, usually men, with classical arts. There is no definite amount of time it takes to become a true Geisha. However, they will be trained until they are ready, also if they survive the stages and stay on. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know about are the Maiko.

A Maiko is an apprentice Geisha. The word Maiko literally means “dancing child.” A Maiko must undergo a period of training that generally takes 5 years, in which she learns the various “gei” (arts) before she becomes a Geisha.

The easiest way to tell a Maiko and a Geisha apart is by their hair, make up and kimono. A Maiko’s kimono is really colorful and bright, whereas Geisha’s are just one dark solid color.

I really find it interesting and have always wanted to know what it’s like to be dressed as a Geisha. So I did a one day photoshoot in Kyoto! Sounds fun? You bet! Well, of course, I chose the Maiko costume because it was much more tasteful. Hee. Geisha is just too common and boring, in my opinion.

Notice a tiny part of my skin behind the neck area is not painted? That’s called the nape line. It was what turned men on back in medieval Japan.

I had a really great time… Those photos are not the original photoshoot photos. I have not received them yet. Just showing you what’s behind the scene. 🙂

[rockyou id=156992951&w=579&h=433]

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