The World of Disney

Back to chaotic Tokyo! We stayed in Tokyo for another 3 days. More shopping and Disneyland! I was so excited as soon as we got to Disneyland. Unfortunately, it was packed, and we didn’t really get to try out the rides. Nevertheless, we had a whole load of fun just walking around and sightseeing. A whole new world.

I find those two disney characters really scary. Who are they? Hmmm…

There’s an interesting area called “Lost Children”. I found it funny at first but come to think of it, it’s definitely something I support. We saw a girl sitting in the office, very quiet and calm. She didn’t look worried at all. She prolly knew her parents would appear in no time. Disneyland is humongous. If any child goes missing, anyone could send him/her to that place mentioned above, and the parents wouldn’t go nuts looking for their children high and low. What an idea.

I am gonna move on to DisneySea. I was a little disappointed with Tokyo’s Disneyland. There was no enthusiasm whatsoever. Tokyo DisneySea is focused more on adult visitors, with more thrill rides and better attractions. I must admit I had a marvelous time. 🙂

On the monorail towards DisneySea… Look at that! It’s amazing how crowded it was in the middle of winter.

Just a little tea break before continuing our adventure. Baby love’s coffee had a mickey mouse shape! 🙂

Yay! Finally, I saw something that I’m familiar with. Daffy Duck!

Hercules and Megara. She really looks like a doll!

My favorite of all… Mermaid Lagoon.

Arabian Coast. -Aladdin.

Mysterious Island.

We had to pay separate prices for the tickets. It was really expensive but, it was worth it.

[rockyou id=156995041&w=579&h=434]

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