Back to that normal life I love

The boyfriend left to San Fransisco for a conference on the 30th of March. Ever since, I’ve been pretty lonely. He was away for a week, and I spent my days efficiently. Skypin’ with him every other day made it easier.

I spent the first day with my dearest mother. We did facials and eye treatments. It was lovely.  The next day my cousin Nadia came over, and we watched a little bit of ss501. Thanks to her, I got addicted to ss501 and Boys Over Flowers. We then sat by the pool, chilled out and enjoyed the breeze. That day ended pretty well. The highlight of that week was when I had my cousins and siblings over. Having a cousin gathering is something we like to do. The moment we’re together, we can never stop laughing! We had such an amazing time.

My beloved father came over to do the painting that mi amor had requested for. It took him a total of  28 hours to finish up. No, he did not sleep at all. He is that patient. I love the art. Satisfaction achieved.

The nearer it was to his arrival, the more impatient I got. The clock was ticking and before I realized it, the day that took forever to come  finally arrived. It was 4 hours before he landed. I transformed into a Cinderella and started cleaning the house like I usually do before he comes back from overseas. As soon as the house was dust-free and fragrant, I was filled with enthusiasm. I was excited as ever! I showered, dolled-up and left the apartment. Where to? To the freakin’ airport!

My heart skipped a beat the minute I saw him coming out, waiting for his luggage by the belt. I started hiding behind this huge pillar and waited till he walked out. His face lit up, and he started waving from afar when he saw me walking towards him. I gave a sigh of relief. At last, back to that normal life I love… Being physically near to my love.

Camwhorin’ in the toilet, before his flight landed.

Where ya goin’? Happy babylove playin’ with the trolley.

Funnn… I wanna try too!


We had swensens.

We got home and mi amor was happy to see his art hung on the wall in the room! He loved it! Yay! When everything was settled, luggages were unpacked, he gave me my travel gift! A pair of Victoria Secret sunglasses! Already I was so delighted, he told me there was more! More Victoria’s Secret!

No one knows me better than he does. 🙂 Whenever he goes back to Canada or America, he never fails to surprise me with little gifts and such. I’ve been a fan of VS for a very long time and mi amor has been so sweet. He notes down what I like or am looking for and surprises me with it! He is good at surprising, but, I am better! :p

The next day, we went to have dinner at Raffles City Mall. He absolutely loves Indian food. So we went to this restaurant called Shahi Maharani Cuisine.

Delicious Keema Samosa with a complimentary crispy poppadoms.

Crispy thin Chapatti, Naan, awesome Tandoori Chicken and Spicy Vindaloo

A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy. ~George Nathan

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