Sex And The City

Ever felt like you just wanna stay up a little longer, curl up on your leather couch, in your red sexy negligee and watch something seductive? A bit of comedy to give a little excitement and perhaps more bitchy gossip, also not forgetting the romance to spice it all up. When you’re all in the mood for strawberries dipped in hot fudge and a glass of champagne on the side of the couch…

Sex and the city it is! If you have a partner, try watching it with him. You’ll be amazed at how he might be all entertained by it. 4 best friends, 4 different characters, attitudes, jobs and mindset. It’s not all about “sex and the city”; it’s also about real matters that actually happen in the real world. I must admit it’s pretty intelligent and addictive.

Sex and the City 2 is still out in the cinemas. I thought the movie was hilarious. Only the last part was a little misleading about the Arabs but it was still okay. My boyfriend and I were invited to The Sex And The City 2-themed Jimmy Choo fashion show and after-party. We had a blast. Here are the photos!

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