Fine Retreat

“Next week, I don’t have to teach any classes the whole week. Lets go somewhere!” Those were the exact words my babylove blasted down the hallway. Those words, I never will forget. Just when I thought he was playin’……

There we were, in Phuket for 4 days. Phuket was somewhere we’ve visited together but the reason why he chose that Island again was because the flight had free seats. You can’t say NO to that! So he booked it and gave me another surprise saying “Pack your luggage, we’re hopping on a plane tomorrow!” Brilliant. Could he be more spontaneous than that? I doubt so. πŸ˜€

This time around, we stayed at a different hotel, in front of a much nicer beach and had a totally different atmosphere. Was it better than our previous visit? Hmmm. In many different ways, it was better and worse as well. Overall, it was a fine retreat. πŸ™‚

Avista. It was the perfect hotel.

As usual, you cannot miss out on the room service. πŸ˜‰

One of the best restaurants in Phuket called Le Siam. Delicious food, great service and fantastic atmosphere.

Jellyfish! That night, we went to watch some LadyBoys show at Patong and it wasn’t so bad. They were entertaining! :p

Interesting GlassBeyonce?Pleasure meeting you people! πŸ™‚I loathe this. Children in clubs. It’s sad that they are brought over just because mommy has to go to work. Not sleeping and instead witnessing all of the obscene things happening around them. As much as they don’t deserve that, there are tons of such cases but what right have I got to judge?Β 

Baan Rim Pa. To-Die-For restaurant.

We did another interesting thing afterwards since it was our last day. Shoot some real guns! πŸ˜€ Again.Phuket is an interesting gorgeous place!

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