Where ‘Pho’ is a must try!

Vietnam was interesting, that’s for sure.

Two months ago, my man and I went to Vietnam for a get-together with his friends. It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. One of his friend lives there and was nice enough to take us to all the nice places. He also recommended one of the best thing that I can’t seem to stop craving for: Pho! It is one of the many things that Vietnam specializes in. Everywhere you turn, you can find a restaurant with pho. It is pretty darn good. The noodles are super soft and the soup is just oh so tasty. Go ahead, try it! 😉

Another thing about Saigon which I only found out while I was there was that bikes fill the streets like nowhere else. Seriously. It’s like you can never miss a turn without going “Oh My God, look at that! So many!” There are tons of motorcycles everywhere on the road. It’s so crazy.

On our third day, we went to do something “adventurous”. In the Cu Chi Tunnels where the Viet Cong were battling it out. It was where I had my first experience firing an M16. Never thought in a thousand years I’d hold a real gun. It felt… weird. Overall, FUN.

Pho Ga! (Chicken)

Mocha & Vanilla Ice Cream

The Spa we ended at every single day. Le Cochinchine.

At Lush.

Ben Thanh

The awesome cashew nuts!

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